Me and my boy

I’m Derek.

I’m a husband to the best wife and a dad to the best son, and I do a lot of things.

I make web.

The full stack, from backend to UX. I do consulting for clients, I like using all sorts of technologies, but I specialize in Drupal. Where development meets rich content is where I like to be. I had a lead role building the University of Calgary’s web experience, now I’m pushing digital forward with the brilliant minds at Evans Hunt.

I take photographs.

Okay, everyone takes photographs. But I’ve been absolutely privileged to be able to take photos for other people. Check out my work, and the blog.

I care about community.

When I get a chance, I blog about civic issues, which regrettably is not very often. I co-founded a non-profit once. We ran a school program to teach students about economic, social and environmental sustainability. It was awesome, the kids were amazing.


  • Twitter - My outlet for political diatribes. It’s not pretty. Don’t go here. Unless you want to reach out to me. Then totally go here.
  • Strava - Soccer destroyed my knee. I do cycling now.
  • - I ♥ music.