Me and my boy

I’m Derek.

I’m a husband to the best wife and a dad to the best son, and I do a lot of things.

I make web.

The full stack, from backend to UX. I like using all sorts of technologies, and specialized in Drupal once, solving the challenges of delivering 900 individual sites. Now I love to use a JAM stack, or when a traditional CMS is still the only thing that will make a client sleep at night, SilverStripe. I had a lead role building the University of Calgary’s web experience, now I’m pushing digital forward with the brilliant minds at Evans Hunt as a technology lead.

I take photographs.

Okay, everyone takes photographs. But I’ve been absolutely privileged to be able to take photos for other people. Though my family will always be my favourite subjects. Check out my work, and the blog.

I care about community.

When I get a chance, I blog about civic issues, which regrettably is not very often. I co-founded a non-profit once. We ran a school program to teach students about economic, social and environmental sustainability. It was awesome, the kids were amazing.


  • Twitter - My outlet for political diatribes, borderline is offensive comedy and mindless ranting. It’s not pretty. Don’t go here. Unless you want to reach out to me. Then totally go here.
  • Strava - Soccer destroyed my knee. I do cycling now.
  • - I ♥ music.